Positive & Negative impact of the Pandemic


  1. Nature is finally breathing - with considerably less vehicle pollution air quality has improved

  2. Species other than humans are flourishing - the geographical dominance of humans being contained animals in their natural environment are freer and thriving

  3. The general health of humans better- Physicians are confirming that with less exposure to dust, pollution, and allergens in the open, issues like common cold and fever have reduced in the general population

  4. Lockdown and family - While acknowledging the struggles of migrants and homeless, those with a stable home and work from home are spending quality time at home with loved ones

  5. Self-reflection- In an ever running rat race of a world, the coronavirus has given each one time for self-reflection and discover and to turn inward

  6. Better Awareness on general health - Humans across the globe have been forced to look into their health and immunity status and work on it.

  7. The big corporate enlightenment - Work from home is a successful concept and can be implemented as opposed to burning energy and fuel in trying to keep big office setups.


  1. Loss of human life

  2. Fear of the pandemic

  3. Stress on the health care industry and struggle to cope up with the demands

  4. Migrants and Homeless affected severely

  5. Economic Distress and Loss of Jobs

  6. Increased plastic use with N 95 masks causing mammoth wastage which makes one question are we repeating the same mistakes and reversing the recovery of our nature.

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