While running, should you be using N95 masks or cloth masks?

The COVID virus from the person who sneezed on the road 1 hr back can live in the atmosphere for more than 4 hours in the air, so it is necessary to wear a mask.

Why not N95?

The N95 mask is not just uncomfortable to breathe but it reduces the oxygen level in the body especially when worn by pregnant women, kids, and the elderly.

Not just that the significant amount of plastic present in the N95 mask makes it unbreathable to the environment as well.

Which Mask to use?

I suggest a mask made of bamboo fabric would be the right one as they are sustainable, antibacterial, and breathable. is a COVID startup that makes comfortable masks made of bamboo fabric. They have launched an antiviral mask.


Choose a mask which is

  1. Breathable

  2. Well-protected

  3. Sustainable

  4. Antibacterial & Antiviral

  5. Planet-friendly


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