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Made in India

As an athleisure brand, GARPENTER focus on collecting the unexplored natural fibers around the world. A few of our favorite blends in our collections are

  • Bamboo+Organic Cotton,

  • Organic Cotton+Silk,

  • Hemp+Organic Cotton &

  • Sea weed+Organic Cotton.

Each and every process involved in the manufacturing of our product is meticulously crafted with zero carbon print on our planet using organic fabrics and natural dyes. We are proud to be a part of the ISO 16604 Anti-Viral (COVID) protected sportswear brand. We are Oekotex, GOTS, and ZDHC certified.

Our factory takes pride in their craft and executes all designs with attention to detail and precision. We are advocates of mindful consumption, so every garment is constructed to last. From Angamardhana to spin, running, CrossFit, surfing, paddle-board, and every other adventure in between, we assure a distraction-free clothing experience.

Word of Mouth

“You are doing a true service to the community and the planet. Your faith in humanity is admirable and inspiring! Thank you for providing wonderful, comfortable, stylish, earth-friendly products for all.”

“I LOVE YOUR T-SHIRTS, they are probably the best T-shirts I have ever had. I'll be buying all the colors when I have some extra cash.”

“We love the clothes we bought from your store. They have been worn a bunch and still look like new! Thanks for what you do to promote equality and better earth!”

- Lily Samuels - 

- Sasha Michaels - 

- Marina Hills - 

Planet First

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